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Social Media Has Changed Our Lives

A Different Way To Communicate With Our Loved Ones…. Social Media has become very popular in our generation, most of us have been become depended on it; some people get benefited from this, because is a different way and sometimes an easier way to communicate with out loved ones, specially if they are far away in different places all over the world.  Social media is also a good way to share and exchange information, picture, videos, etc…

social media

I have found many friends and family that I have not seen in many years through social media such as Facebook. I get to talk to my family through Skype, they live in Peru; we always keep in touch thanks to this media and this new technology, is an easier way for me, because I do not always have a phone card available with me, but I always have internet at home.


Although social media can be helpful and beneficial for many, it can also have its disadvantage, and be addictive for others. There could be some negative consequences in their lives, people who get addictive to social media such as Facebook, and tweeter (these are believed to be the most common),  people become so depended on the media that tent to forget about their surrounding; as an example of this is that some people get the urge to always be on their cellphone checking up on  Facebook’s status or the newest Tweeter, whether is at school, at work or even at dinner; I find it to be very disrespectful,  especially checking on your phone constantly at dinner time whether is  at home or out in a restaurant, I believe that checking once in a while is fine completely normal, but constantly every five minutes or so? so disrespectful.


Another big issue that I see with social media is that is now available on our cellphone, we can have all kids of applications in our phone, now this could be dangerous while driving. People text or talk while driving which is a distraction and is not much different from be checking your Facebook while driving, still a distraction even worse and very dangerous, we hear it on the news all the time lately they have been many reports of accident while being on the phone.